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Hello 👋

I'm Nico, aka nidup, co-founder and chief product officer at Akeneo. In short, I'm an entrepreneur, business-obsessed product & tech leader with expertise in Enterprise B2B SaaS products.

The longer story is I'm a former software engineer who fell in love with Product 10+ years ago. Since then, I've been obsessed with solving business problems with technology to create value. I love B2B SaaS models. I love this quest for an alchemy generating user value, customer business outcomes, and revenue. 🧙🏼

I believe cross-functional empowered product teams create the best products. A great product requires tons of collective intelligence, knowledge, skills, and insights; it's all about teamwork and collaboration; this is how the magic happens. I lead our product department, including our product management, engineering, design, and customer support teams, to achieve this end goal at scale (160+ mates and counting). ✨

I love discussing business, product, technology, and teamwork. I write articles on this blog and previously on medium. I like to read, especially leadership and management books and Sci-Fi novels. I love open source, and I enjoy learning and sharing every day.

You can reach me on LinkedIn 👔, GitHub 💻, Twitter 🐦.

Nicolas Dupont, aka nidup, chief product officer at akeneo