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One critical aspect of your mission is to lead a team of engineers.

We can question ourselves about the differences and the dependencies between leadership and management. Grace Hopper had an interesting point of view on this question: “You manage things; you lead people”.

Leadership is about leading a group or an organization. Leadership is about setting a direction, and nurture the willingness of teammates to follow you in that direction. Leadership is about influencing and convincing the team.

There is no silver bullet to lead a group of people.

As an engineering manager, you're a hierarchical manager. You can be tempted to use this power to force people to do what you want. This is not leadership.

Once again, in your role, it's not about you. It's about the team.

Why would the team follow you?

You can establish leadership by being authentic, by being honest, by listening, by taking their opinion into account, by respecting them, by being reliable, by having a positive impact on their professional life, by making the team successful.