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The Shift

The transition to engineering management is complex.

You need to change your focus, to reframe the way you see the organization and your contribution to its success.

Your role is no longer about your individual contribution and your individual impact.

Your new role is about what the team does, about how the team contributes to the company's success. It's about leading the team to strengthen the impact of its contribution. It's about helping each engineer to grow his skills and his individual impact.

It doesn't matter how good you used to be as an individual contributor. You may have been one of the very best engineers, listened and respected by your peers, being able to create elegant solutions to complex problems. Now, you're a junior manager, and you have a long way to go before you acquire the same excellence in another field.

What matters now is the impact of each of your reports, the impact of the team you're in charge of. Your role exists to make your teammates and your team better.

Your actions will be more indirect and their outcomes will be visible on a longer time frame. The rewards will be less immediate, actions of today will hopefully produce greater outcomes in the upcoming months or quarters.

It's no longer about you, it's about the team.