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Congratulations, you've been hired or promoted to an engineering manager position. πŸŽ‰

Becoming an engineering manager is not a promotion. Becoming an engineering manager is choosing a brand new career.

To succeed in this transition, you'll need to learn to unlearn, change your habits, train new muscles, and change your focus.

I'm Nico. I'm the co-founder and chief product officer at Akeneo.

Since 2009, I have acted as a software engineer, lead developer, technical project manager, engineering manager, vice-president of engineering, and chief product officer.

In early 2013, we created Akeneo to solve the pain of inefficient product information management. We help our customers to create compelling product experiences in order for them to drive business growth on their sales channels.

During this journey, I led and grew a team from a few engineers building a new product to a department of 120+ teammates delivering an enterprise suite to create a lot of value for our customers and our business.

I made a bunch of mistakes and went through a lot of tough times. My hardest personal shift was the transition from software engineer to engineering manager.

Since then, I've been mentoring engineering managers. Engineering managers I hired or promoted as well as, engineering managers working in different companies and various fields.

During these mentoring sessions, a lot of common questions arise.

That's why I decided to write a short guide, β€œThe Engineering Manager's Survival Guide.”

The intent is to share a comprehensive overview of the aspects and activities you'll have to handle. You'll find some personal tips, some insights, and useful references to dive deeper.

There is no silver bullet. Each company is different, each context is different, each team is different, and each person is unique.

Don't take this guide as a playbook, but more as a map to navigate the subjects you'll need to dig into or learn to master.

Some chapters are opinionated; those are my views only.

Do it your way!